Cayo Santa Maria
W 13 mph
Feels like: 100°F
Precip: 0%
World Resorts Cuba Cayo Santa Maria

Annual Weather

Cayo Santa Maria Air Temperature, °F

Precipitation Totals, in

Rainy Days During the Year

Average Wind Speed, mph
Sunny, Cloudy and Gloomy Days
Average Sunny Hours Per Day

We are using day length and cloud cover information for each day of the month to calculate averages for this chart.

Best Time to Visit Cayo Santa Maria
The most sunny months:
April 14 days
July 13 days
August 12 days
The most warm months:
August 91.0 °F
July 90.7 °F
September 90.0 °F
Warmest sea temperature:
September 89.6 °F
August 89.6 °F
July 89.0 °F
The most cold months:
January 79.3 °F
February 80.4 °F
March 80.8 °F
The most rainy months:
October 9 days
May 8 days
September 7 days
The most windy months:
March 15 mph
February 14 mph
November 14 mph

Cayo Santa Maria on the Weather Map

24 Hours Weather Forecast
Cayo Santa Maria
Local time: 19:57
02 oct, monday
2100 88°F
13 mph
03 oct, tuesday
0000 88°F
12 mph
0300 88°F
14 mph
0600 88°F
14 mph
0900 86°F
15 mph
1200 88°F
17 mph
1500 88°F
14 mph
1800 86°F
14 mph