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Mexico vs Jamaica: What is the Best Country for Your Vacation?

Below you can find weather conditions information for almost all popular resorts of Mexico and Jamaica. Day and night temperatures, cloud cover, precipitation and sunny hours values are based on 14 days weather forecast. Sea water temperature values are based on current measurements.
Resort name Air Temperature
Day / Night
Cloudiness Rainy Days /
Sea Water
Temperature *
Hours **
Acapulco 86.4°F 80.7°F 8.7% - 84.4°F 12h. 35m.
Boca del Rio 84.9°F 80.6°F 40.7% - 80.0°F 08h. 34m.
Cabo San Lucas 76.5°F 72.5°F 17.9% - 72.2°F 11h. 36m.
Campeche 88.5°F 82.2°F 41.4% 4 days (2.1 in) 82.6°F 08h. 30m.
Cancun 83.4°F 78.8°F 49.0% 4 days (1.1 in) 83.6°F 07h. 33m.
Chetumal 85.9°F 80.5°F 56.6% 3 days (1.1 in) 84.6°F 06h. 32m.
Ciudad del Carmen 87.4°F 83.6°F 46.4% 6 days (5.6 in) 84.2°F 07h. 50m.
Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas 85.4°F 78.9°F 11.6% - 83.8°F 12h. 14m.
Cozumel 83.8°F 78.4°F 48.9% 3 days (1.6 in) 84.2°F 07h. 33m.
Guadalajara 81.8°F 72.5°F 16.0% - - 11h. 46m.
Kingston 83.9°F 80.1°F 61.5% 10 days (7.1 in) 85.6°F 05h. 53m.
Manzaltan 81.5°F 71.7°F 21.3% - 75.0°F 11h. 10m.
Manzanillo 80.6°F 76.0°F 4.8% - 79.8°F 13h. 08m.
Merida 89.2°F 79.0°F 42.9% 3 days (1.0 in) 82.6°F 08h. 19m.
Mexica 71.3°F 64.4°F 59.2% 11 days (7.2 in) - 06h. 13m.
Montego Bay 83.7°F 79.7°F 40.9% 7 days (4.7 in) 85.4°F 08h. 31m.
Negril 84.7°F 81.0°F 52.6% 8 days (3.4 in) 85.6°F 07h. 02m.
Ocho Rios 83.2°F 80.3°F 58.7% 13 days (5.5 in) 84.4°F 06h. 15m.
Playa del Carmen 84.5°F 78.7°F 48.6% 3 days (2.2 in) 84.2°F 07h. 35m.
Port Antonio 82.4°F 80.0°F 49.3% 6 days (2.3 in) 85.0°F 07h. 27m.
Puerto Vallarta 82.0°F 73.1°F 14.1% 1 day (0.5 in) 77.6°F 12h. 00m.
Purerto Escondido 88.3°F 81.7°F 25.0% - 87.2°F 10h. 28m.
Purto Aventuras 84.6°F 78.5°F 48.4% 3 days (2.1 in) 84.2°F 07h. 37m.
Riviera Maya 84.6°F 78.5°F 48.4% 3 days (2.1 in) 84.2°F 07h. 37m.
Runaway Bay 83.5°F 80.4°F 63.3% 13 days (5.4 in) 84.8°F 05h. 40m.
Tampico 82.5°F 78.3°F 39.6% - 78.4°F 08h. 46m.
Tulum 84.8°F 78.2°F 53.0% 4 days (1.8 in) 84.4°F 07h. 01m.
Veracruz 84.9°F 80.6°F 40.7% - 80.0°F 08h. 34m.
Westmoreland 84.9°F 80.9°F 50.9% 7 days (2.2 in) 86.2°F 07h. 14m.
Zihuatanejo 86.3°F 79.6°F 11.4% 1 day (0.4 in) 83.4°F 12h. 15m.
* Sea water temperature values are based on current measurements while all other data in this table show average values based on 14 days weather forecast.
** Sunny hours is the amount of time when the sun light reaches the ground during the day. It depends on day length and cloud cover during the day.
When Do You Plan Your Vacation?
Please select month to get weather conditions averages for all popular resorts of Mexico and Jamaica. You can get such information for only those months of the year when the average sea water temperature is greater then 70°F.

Mexico vs Jamaica. Monthly Weather Averages.

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