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Morocco vs Tunisia: What is the Best Country for Your Vacation?

Below you can find weather conditions information for almost all popular resorts of Morocco and Tunisia. Day and night temperatures, cloud cover, precipitation and sunny hours values are based on 14 days weather forecast. Sea water temperature values are based on current measurements.
Resort name Air Temperature
Day / Night
Cloudiness Rainy Days /
Sea Water
Temperature *
Hours **
Agadir 76.6°F 74.7°F 13.5% - 63.6°F 13h. 05m.
Bizerte 74.2°F 70.6°F 28.4% 3 days (1.1 in) 68.8°F 11h. 25m.
Casablanca 71.6°F 68.4°F 30.1% - 68.0°F 10h. 56m.
Djerba 76.4°F 76.0°F 20.0% - 75.2°F 12h. 25m.
El Jadida 69.6°F 67.8°F 33.2% - 68.2°F 10h. 30m.
Enfidha 76.7°F 71.8°F 30.5% 4 days (2.4 in) 70.4°F 11h. 04m.
Essouira 70.8°F 66.8°F 10.4% - 65.4°F 13h. 36m.
Fes 76.0°F 70.6°F 34.8% 2 days (0.9 in) - 10h. 18m.
Gabes 80.0°F 78.3°F 18.0% - 75.6°F 12h. 42m.
Gammart 78.2°F 73.4°F 28.8% 3 days (1.7 in) 70.8°F 11h. 20m.
Hammamet 76.7°F 72.5°F 39.3% 3 days (2.3 in) 70.4°F 09h. 47m.
Houmt Souk 75.9°F 75.3°F 10.5% - 73.6°F 13h. 46m.
Korba 76.1°F 72.3°F 34.2% 3 days (1.9 in) 70.2°F 10h. 32m.
La Goulette 79.4°F 75.2°F 32.7% 4 days (1.5 in) 71.6°F 10h. 46m.
La Marsa 78.2°F 73.4°F 28.8% 3 days (1.7 in) 71.0°F 11h. 20m.
Mahdia 76.8°F 74.8°F 23.9% 2 days (0.6 in) 71.4°F 11h. 58m.
Marrakesh 76.8°F 72.8°F 24.9% - - 11h. 34m.
Midun 75.9°F 75.3°F 10.5% - 73.2°F 13h. 46m.
Mohmmedia 71.2°F 68.0°F 29.2% - 68.2°F 11h. 05m.
Monastir 77.7°F 75.7°F 29.0% 2 days (1.8 in) 71.6°F 11h. 15m.
Nabeul 76.1°F 72.3°F 34.2% 3 days (1.9 in) 70.4°F 10h. 32m.
Port El Kantaoui 78.0°F 75.7°F 28.6% 1 day (1.1 in) 71.0°F 11h. 18m.
Rabat 72.6°F 68.4°F 19.9% - 68.0°F 12h. 26m.
Sfax 78.8°F 75.9°F 13.4% - 75.6°F 13h. 25m.
Skanes 77.5°F 75.4°F 24.2% 1 day (0.9 in) 71.4°F 11h. 56m.
Sousse 78.2°F 75.9°F 35.3% 2 days (1.7 in) 71.2°F 10h. 20m.
Tabarka 73.2°F 70.4°F 33.2% 3 days (1.3 in) 68.4°F 10h. 42m.
Tangier 72.1°F 66.5°F 20.6% - 66.0°F 12h. 27m.
Tunisia 79.4°F 75.2°F 32.7% 4 days (1.5 in) 71.0°F 10h. 46m.
Zarzis 77.4°F 75.4°F 17.6% - 75.6°F 12h. 43m.
* Sea water temperature values are based on current measurements while all other data in this table show average values based on 14 days weather forecast.
** Sunny hours is the amount of time when the sun light reaches the ground during the day. It depends on day length and cloud cover during the day.
When Do You Plan Your Vacation?
Please select month to get weather conditions averages for all popular resorts of Morocco and Tunisia. You can get such information for only those months of the year when the average sea water temperature is greater then 70°F.

Morocco vs Tunisia. Monthly Weather Averages.

Popular Resorts:
Antalya +80
Aya Napa +82
Bali +82
Crete +70
Eilat +102
Eivissa +74
Goa +94
Hainan +94
Hurghada +96
Kemer +76
Mallorca +76
Pattaya +94
Phuket +88
Punta Cana +82
Sharm-el-Sheikh +100