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Mexico Weather in March

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What is the Best Mexico Resort to Visit in March?

Information below will help you to choose the right place to visit in Mexico in March. You can find warmest resort with less rains and more sunny hours during the day. We also provide information about sea water temperature so you can find the best place for your trip.

Resort Name Air Temperature
Day / Night
Cloudiness Rainy Days /
Sea Water
Hours *
Acapulco 89.7°F 78.0°F 8.1% - 85.0°F 12h. 04m.
Boca del Rio 83.0°F 73.6°F 34.5% - 78.4°F 08h. 53m.
Cabo San Lucas 80.1°F 67.2°F 13.0% - 73.4°F 11h. 27m.
Campeche 89.5°F 76.1°F 23.9% 1 day (0.6 in) 82.2°F 10h. 09m.
Cancun 85.2°F 76.5°F 41.9% 2 days (1.4 in) 82.8°F 07h. 59m.
Chetumal 88.4°F 76.2°F 41.1% 2 days (1.3 in) 83.8°F 08h. 06m.
Ciudad del Carmen 85.8°F 78.0°F 23.9% 2 days (1.4 in) 82.8°F 10h. 09m.
Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas 88.7°F 72.7°F 13.3% - 83.6°F 11h. 27m.
Cozumel 84.6°F 77.1°F 43.8% 2 days (1.5 in) 83.6°F 07h. 45m.
Guadalajara 85.0°F 61.8°F 10.6% - - 11h. 46m.
Manzaltan 81.5°F 68.7°F 15.5% - 73.8°F 11h. 10m.
Manzanillo 85.7°F 72.5°F 13.4% - 81.2°F 11h. 25m.
Merida 92.7°F 73.6°F 30.4% 1 day (0.5 in) 80.4°F 09h. 22m.
Mexica 77.2°F 60.2°F 16.8% 1 day (0.7 in) - 11h. 00m.
Playa del Carmen 85.6°F 75.7°F 42.1% 2 days (1.5 in) 83.6°F 07h. 58m.
Puerto Vallarta 87.5°F 66.8°F 13.7% - 77.2°F 11h. 23m.
Purerto Escondido 90.1°F 74.7°F 8.8% - 86.2°F 12h. 00m.
Purto Aventuras 85.6°F 75.7°F 42.1% 2 days (1.5 in) 83.6°F 07h. 58m.
Riviera Maya 85.6°F 75.7°F 42.0% 2 days (1.5 in) 83.6°F 07h. 59m.
Tampico 80.0°F 71.3°F 45.1% 1 day (1.0 in) 75.4°F 07h. 36m.
Tulum 86.1°F 75.6°F 42.3% 2 days (1.5 in) 83.6°F 07h. 56m.
Veracruz 83.0°F 73.6°F 34.5% - 78.4°F 08h. 53m.
Zihuatanejo 89.0°F 75.3°F 11.7% - 84.2°F 11h. 38m.
* We are using day length and cloud cover information for each day of the month to calculate average values of sunny hours during the day.