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Egypt Sea Water Temperature

The Egypt resorts with the warmest sea water temperature at this moment are Marsa Alam, Hadaba and Coral Bay.

Below you can see a list of all popular Egypt resorts and information about current sea water temperature and averages for current and next months.

Resort Name Current
Sea Water Temperature
March 2023 April 2023
Marsa Alam 75.6°F 77.0°F 78.1°F
Hadaba 75.4°F 75.7°F 76.5°F
Coral Bay 75.4°F 75.5°F 76.3°F
Naama Bay 75.4°F 75.7°F 76.5°F
Sharm-el-Sheikh 75.2°F 75.4°F 76.2°F
Nabq 75.0°F 75.2°F 75.8°F
Port Ghalib 75.0°F 75.9°F 77.3°F
Al-Qusayr 75.0°F 75.2°F 76.6°F
Ras Muhammed 75.0°F 75.4°F 76.2°F
Makdi 74.8°F 75.2°F 76.3°F
Soma Bay 74.8°F 75.2°F 76.4°F
Safaga 74.8°F 75.1°F 76.4°F
Sahl Hasheesh 74.4°F 75.0°F 76.1°F
Dahab 74.2°F 73.8°F 74.9°F
Taba 74.0°F 73.5°F 73.9°F
Nuweiba 73.8°F 73.4°F 74.5°F
Hurghada 73.4°F 74.5°F 75.7°F
El Gouna 72.6°F 73.4°F 75.0°F
Suez 68.8°F 67.4°F 69.9°F
Attaka 68.0°F 67.5°F 70.2°F
Aen Sokhna 68.0°F 67.5°F 70.2°F
El-Hafair 67.6°F 67.6°F 70.3°F
Zaafarna 67.6°F 67.5°F 69.7°F
Dawwar 'Abd al Qadir Qasim 66.6°F 66.7°F 67.9°F
Alexandria 66.2°F 66.6°F 68.0°F
Dauwar 'Abd el 'Ati 'Abu 'Agûz 66.2°F 66.7°F 68.0°F
Dawwar 'Abd Allah 66.2°F 66.8°F 68.1°F
Port Said 66.0°F 66.8°F 69.8°F
Idku 65.8°F 66.4°F 68.6°F
Zawya Haroun 65.4°F 65.5°F 66.3°F
Marina El Alamein 65.4°F 66.1°F 67.8°F
Garawlah 65.2°F 65.4°F 66.3°F
Zawyet Umm El-Rakham 65.0°F 65.1°F 65.9°F
Marsa Matruh 64.8°F 65.1°F 65.9°F

Please see following sea water temperature averages charts for the warmest Egypt resorts for more details.

You can also get the same information for the every other month of the year when the average sea water temperature is greater then 70°F.