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Mexico Sea Water Temperature in September

The Mexico resorts with the warmest sea water temperature in September are Manzaltan, Chetumal and Campeche.

Below you can see a list of all popular Mexico resorts and information about sea water temperature in September for the last two years.

Resort Name September 2019 September 2018 September 2017
Manzaltan 91.5°F 91.5°F 90.9°F
Chetumal 91.0°F 89.8°F 90.6°F
Campeche 90.9°F 90.5°F 90.8°F
Puerto Vallarta 90.7°F 89.9°F 90.2°F
Zihuatanejo 90.4°F 90.4°F 89.9°F
Purerto Escondido 90.4°F 90.2°F 90.2°F
Ciudad del Carmen 90.3°F 89.5°F 89.7°F
Acapulco 90.2°F 90.4°F 89.7°F
Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas 90.2°F 90.1°F 89.4°F
Manzanillo 90.2°F 90.0°F 89.4°F
Cozumel 89.7°F 88.4°F 89.6°F
Playa del Carmen 89.6°F 88.3°F 89.6°F
Purto Aventuras 89.5°F 88.3°F 89.6°F
Tulum 89.5°F 88.5°F 89.6°F
Riviera Maya 89.5°F 88.3°F 89.6°F
Veracruz 89.1°F 89.5°F 88.8°F
Boca del Rio 89.1°F 89.5°F 88.8°F
Cancun 88.9°F 88.2°F 89.2°F
Merida 88.8°F 85.1°F 87.9°F
Tampico 88.2°F 87.8°F 87.7°F
Cabo San Lucas 88.1°F 89.6°F 87.1°F

Please see following sea water temperature averages charts for the warmest Mexico resorts in September.

You can also get the same information for the every other month of the year when the average sea water temperature is greater then 70°F.