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Tunisia Weather in January

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What is the Best Tunisia Resort to Visit in January?

Information below will help you to choose the right place to visit in Tunisia in January. You can find warmest resort with less rains and more sunny hours during the day. We also provide information about sea water temperature so you can find the best place for your trip.

Resort Name Air Temperature
Day / Night
Cloudiness Rainy Days /
Sea Water
Hours *
Bizerte 59.8°F 52.7°F 36.8% 3 days (1.7 in) 61.4°F 07h. 16m.
Djerba 62.8°F 58.4°F 21.2% - 60.4°F 09h. 02m.
Enfidha 61.2°F 51.6°F 27.8% 1 day (0.5 in) 62.0°F 08h. 13m.
Gabes 61.4°F 52.2°F 19.0% - 58.4°F 09h. 15m.
Gammart 60.3°F 50.8°F 34.7% 2 days (1.2 in) 61.0°F 07h. 30m.
Hammamet 60.3°F 51.2°F 31.5% 1 day (0.8 in) 62.0°F 07h. 50m.
Houmt Souk 62.8°F 58.4°F 21.2% - 60.8°F 09h. 00m.
Korba 60.2°F 52.5°F 32.3% 1 day (0.9 in) 61.4°F 07h. 44m.
La Goulette 60.2°F 50.8°F 34.8% 2 days (1.2 in) 60.8°F 07h. 29m.
La Marsa 60.3°F 50.8°F 34.7% 2 days (1.2 in) 61.0°F 07h. 30m.
Mahdia 61.7°F 54.4°F 29.1% - 61.8°F 08h. 08m.
Midun 62.8°F 58.4°F 21.1% - 61.8°F 09h. 00m.
Monastir 61.9°F 53.7°F 27.0% 1 day (0.6 in) 61.8°F 08h. 19m.
Nabeul 60.4°F 52.5°F 32.7% 1 day (0.9 in) 61.8°F 07h. 42m.
Port El Kantaoui 61.7°F 52.8°F 26.8% - 61.8°F 08h. 20m.
Sfax 62.1°F 54.3°F 22.6% - 59.2°F 08h. 50m.
Skanes 61.8°F 53.7°F 27.0% 1 day (0.6 in) 61.8°F 08h. 20m.
Sousse 61.9°F 53.0°F 26.6% - 61.8°F 08h. 22m.
Tabarka 58.8°F 50.6°F 42.5% 5 days (2.8 in) 61.4°F 06h. 43m.
Tunisia 60.3°F 50.8°F 35.0% 2 days (1.2 in) 61.0°F 07h. 28m.
Zarzis 63.3°F 57.3°F 21.7% - 61.2°F 08h. 58m.
* We are using day length and cloud cover information for each day of the month to calculate average values of sunny hours during the day.