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Penang vs Langkawi: Where are the Best Weather Conditions?

Are you still thinking which resort would be better for your vacation Penang or Langkawi? Following information will help you to make right decision.
Table below displays average weather conditions based on information from 14 day weather forecast.
  Penang   Langkawi
Current Weather Conditions
Day Air Temperature 85.6°F 85.8°F
Night Air Temperature 84.7°F 81.1°F
Cloudiness 61.0% 65.4%
Sea Water Temperature * 88.6°F 88.2°F
Rainy Days / Precipitation totals 8 days (4.5 in.) 11 days (7.7 in.)
Sunshine Hours Per Day ** 05h. 39m. 05h. 07m.
14 day forecast 14 day forecast
* There is no forecast for sea water temperature that is why we display current value.
** We are using day length and cloud cover information for each day of two weeks forecast to calculate average value for this parameter.
What is the best time for vacation?
Charts below will help you to compare such weather conditions as day and night air temperature, sea water temperature and precipitation totals. Chart's data is based on information gathered for the last three years.

Resorts Air Temperature by Month, °F

Air Temperature: Day Night

Sea Water Temperature by Month, °F

Precipitation Totals by Month, in

When is the best time to visit Penang and Langkawi?
Following information will help you to choose the best time to visit desired resort. You can see the top months of the year for each place.
The most sunny months:
March 20 days
February 18 days
July 17 days
The most warm months:
May 93.5 °F
June 93.5 °F
July 93.0 °F
Warmest sea temperature:
May 91.2 °F
June 91.1 °F
April 90.6 °F
The most rainy months:
November 20 days
October 18 days
December 15 days
The most sunny months:
March 24 days
February 20 days
April 19 days
The most warm months:
May 94.3 °F
June 93.8 °F
April 93.5 °F
Warmest sea temperature:
May 91.6 °F
June 91.3 °F
April 91.0 °F
The most rainy months:
October 21 days
November 20 days
September 16 days