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Abkhazia Sea Water Temperature in July

The Abkhazia resorts with the warmest sea water temperature in July are Ochamchira, Kyndyg and Sukhumi.

Below you can see a list of all popular Abkhazia resorts and information about sea water temperature in July for the last two years.

Resort Name July 2018 July 2017 July 2016
Ochamchira 83.5°F 81.7°F 82.5°F
Kyndyg 83.4°F 81.7°F 82.6°F
Sukhumi 83.3°F 81.6°F 82.7°F
New Athos 83.0°F 81.5°F 82.7°F
Gudauta 82.9°F 81.5°F 82.8°F
Heivani 82.8°F 81.4°F 82.5°F
Gechripsh 82.8°F 81.4°F 82.5°F
Bahrypsh 82.8°F 81.4°F 82.5°F
Holodnaya Rechka 82.8°F 81.4°F 82.5°F
Tsandryphsh 82.8°F 81.4°F 82.5°F
Gagra 82.7°F 81.4°F 82.6°F
Pitsunda 82.7°F 81.5°F 82.6°F
Mussera 82.7°F 81.5°F 82.7°F

Please see following sea water temperature averages charts for the warmest Abkhazia resorts in July.

You can also get the same information for the every other month of the year when the average sea water temperature is greater then 70°F.