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Vietnam Sea Water Temperature in August

The Vietnam resorts with the warmest sea water temperature in August are Ha Long, Tuan Chau and Cát Bà Island.

Below you can see a list of all popular Vietnam resorts and information about sea water temperature in August for the last two years.

Resort Name August 2018 August 2017 August 2016
Ha Long 90.3°F 90.7°F 90.7°F
Tuan Chau 90.2°F 90.6°F 90.6°F
Cát Bà Island 90.2°F 90.7°F 90.7°F
Thanh Hoa 90.1°F 90.4°F 91.0°F
Hue 89.9°F 90.9°F 90.4°F
Da Nang 89.7°F 90.4°F 90.0°F
Hoi An 89.6°F 90.3°F 89.7°F
Hai Phong 89.5°F 90.2°F 90.1°F
Doc Let Beach 88.6°F 88.7°F 88.4°F
Nha Trang 88.1°F 88.3°F 87.9°F
Vinpearl 88.0°F 88.2°F 87.8°F
Con Dao 87.4°F 88.2°F 88.4°F
Cam Ranh 87.1°F 87.3°F 86.6°F
Phu Quoc 87.0°F 88.2°F 88.0°F
Ho Chi Minh 85.9°F 87.3°F 87.3°F
Phan Rang 85.8°F 85.7°F 85.3°F
Vung Tau 85.7°F 87.0°F 87.2°F
Ke Ga 84.1°F 86.0°F 86.1°F
Phan Thiet 83.5°F 85.8°F 85.7°F
Mui Ne 83.2°F 85.8°F 85.6°F

Please see following sea water temperature averages charts for the warmest Vietnam resorts in August.

You can also get the same information for the every other month of the year when the average sea water temperature is greater then 70°F.