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USA Sea Water Temperature in September

The USA resorts with the warmest sea water temperature in September are Ponce, Key West and New Orleans.

Below you can see a list of all popular USA resorts and information about sea water temperature in September for the last two years.

Resort Name September 2019 September 2018 September 2017
Ponce 89.6°F 88.4°F 88.7°F
Key West 89.3°F 89.1°F 90.0°F
New Orleans 89.2°F 88.6°F 84.3°F
Everglades 89.1°F 89.8°F 89.9°F
Houston 89.0°F 87.7°F 86.1°F
Miami Beach 88.9°F 89.3°F 89.8°F
Sarasota 88.7°F 89.6°F 89.1°F
Miami 88.7°F 89.5°F 90.0°F
Tampa 88.5°F 89.3°F 88.2°F
Kailua Kona 86.9°F 85.9°F 85.5°F
Jacksonville 86.3°F 88.2°F 85.5°F
Orlando 86.3°F 87.5°F 86.5°F
Honolulu 86.1°F 83.9°F 84.9°F
Hawaii 85.9°F 83.8°F 84.8°F
Kahului 85.2°F 83.8°F 84.1°F
Charleston 85.0°F 86.9°F 83.1°F
Hilo 85.0°F 84.0°F 84.1°F
Maui 84.8°F 83.6°F 84.0°F
Washington 79.8°F 80.4°F 75.3°F
Virginia Beach 78.9°F 83.1°F 77.5°F
Atlantic City 75.2°F 78.2°F 73.9°F
New York 74.0°F 77.0°F 72.4°F
Los Angeles 73.8°F 70.9°F 70.5°F
Beverly Hills 73.3°F 70.3°F 70.3°F
Hollywood 73.3°F 70.3°F 70.3°F
Santa Monica 73.1°F 70.3°F 70.3°F
San Diego 72.4°F 70.0°F 72.4°F
Malibu 71.5°F 70.3°F 70.0°F
Long Beach 71.4°F 69.6°F 70.8°F
San Jose 70.1°F 65.2°F 62.9°F
Santa Barbara 68.9°F 68.7°F 68.6°F
Yosemite 67.3°F 68.3°F 69.4°F
Chicago 66.6°F 72.2°F 71.2°F
Boston 66.2°F 69.1°F 64.1°F
San Francisco 65.6°F 63.3°F 64.8°F
Monterey 59.8°F 59.4°F 63.6°F

Please see following sea water temperature averages charts for the warmest USA resorts in September.

You can also get the same information for the every other month of the year when the average sea water temperature is greater then 70°F.